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Founded in 2017, Aladdin Fintech specializes in blockchain and artificial intelligence technology development, marketing, partnership, localisation and listing with strong relationship with exchanges.

Leveraging our areas of expertise, we provide 2 major streams of services - fintech advisory and loyalty platforms.  We sit at the central stage of the loyalty market providing technical services for a stable and reliable platform, as well as pulling in the influential power from the social media ecosystem.




Fund raising,Advisory &



Support with
Big data & AI

SERVICES (Bitsdaq) network,and
other major exchanges


Corporate Services

135B USD

Cryptocurrency Market Cap

ibank I Fund raising service I Listing income


6.75B USD


135M USD
in three years

What are the factors discouraging consumers to engage in loyalty program?

No centralized platform to show the rewards availability and expiration

Keeping multiple cards and carrying them all the time

Inconsistent ways to access rewards information


What are the challenges to merchants for running a loyalty program?

Declining customer interests

Poor user experience in earning and redemption of loyalty points

Increasing operation costs

Limited resources for improving redemption options to increase attractiveness

Lacking of integrations with digital wallets

What are the business opportunities in the market?

Bundled with social media features, the Aladdin Digital Wallet unlocks massive business potential by connecting to digital generations, Gen Z and the millennials.  Our platform has the ability to host multiple loyalty programs and convert various loyalty currencies into a single currency point by leveraging blockchain exchange solutions.

With the support of big data, we can provide sophisticated analysis for merchants who aims for points exchange.


Function Overview

Social and Earn

Daily engagement with friends on social postings to earn points


Shop and redeem merchant offers conveniently on the App in one go

Digital wallet

Account activities and balance at a glance.  Simple interface to make point transactions at any time.


Ricky Ng

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of Aladdin Fintech, A leading Fintech advisory and marketing service provider in Asia. Co-founder of IClick Interactive (NASDAQ: ICLK), one of the largest digital advertising platforms in greater China area, created an advertising myth of 1 billion RMB per year, major partner with Baidu and Tencent in China and overseas.

Adam Cole Jacobs

Co-founder & CSO

Adam has extensive history working in the commercial real estate, finance and blockchain industries. He currently is a senior associate at CBRE and holds strategic and advisory positions with several North American blockchain companies including Hyperion Crypto Exchange and Additionally, He is a special advisor to the co-founder of Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio.

Eric Dao

Co-founder & CTO

Eric holds a Master’s degree from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University with 22 years of research and development experience in Microsoft in Seattle (USA). While at Microsoft, Eric was the Principle Engineering Manager, in charge of technical development work related to Microsoft Windows, Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Office365.

Nana Chen

Head of Marketing(China)

14 years of experience in the area of marketing. Senior Marketing Director of Games in Baidu, clients include Perfect World, Tencent…etc. Senior Media Director in iClick, in charge of working with all media including Baidu, Tencent, 360, Sogou…etc.

Kevin Leung

Chief Financial Officer

8 years of experience in Real Estate industry; GM of Foresea Asset Management Ltd, a commercial property consultancy company; GM of Shopping center in Beijing MTR Corporation Ltd.


Blockchain Consultant

He is the co-founder of digital asset fund Badwater Capital, working at DFJ Dragon Fund, located at Silicon Valley, which is a China's well-known early venture investment fund, and engaged in venture investment in the TMT field.

Evan Kim

Chief Operation Officer

He has nine years of experience in traditional media industry, and six years of Internet industry experience, including seven years of experience on the position of regional general manager, ever serving as the former Marketing Director of Nanchang Wanda cultural tourism city of Wanda Group, responsible for marketing and related project management of Nanchang project.

Tony Xiang (USA)


5 years working experience as Dev role in Dell, Qihoo 360. Then start own company in USA for office supply product, support TOP 5 brand company as their main supply partner. Good at supply chain and 5 years E-Commercial business from 0 to top sales. Advanced member in several chamber of commerce. Have many connection in different area and government source.

Haley Chow (HK)

Head Of Operation

BscManagement, London School of Economics. 8 years VC/PE and M&A experience covering consumer and technology transactions across APAC. AVP, M&A and direct investment, China UCF Group Senior manager, Cyberport Macro Fund.